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Tag: The Sickness

Animorphs: The Sickness

This speak: Ax comes down with a deadly and contagious case of SPACE AIDS! And just in time for the next dangerous mission to the Yeerk Pool! When Cassie is confronted by a controller claiming to be with the Yeerk Peace Movement, she learns that her old buddy Aftran (from The Departure) isn’t doing so well after the last time we saw her… as in, she’s about to be interrogated by Visser 3 and reveal all the Animorphs deepest darkest secrets to him! So now Cassie and the rest of the Animorphs (and not Ax!) have to figure out a way to rescue Aftran, all while quelling the flames of Ax’s raging SPACE AIDS… Which has started to spread to the rest of the team! Giving Cassie some much-needed time to work on her alien brain surgery skills. What a head case! *Insert sound of crickets* … All that and more when we review Animorphs book #29, The Sickness.

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