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Tag: The Conspiracy

Animorphs: The Conspiracy

This speak: Jake’s great grandpa dies, meaning an out of town funeral for both Jake and his brother. And as we all know, Tom is a controller. A four day excursion away from the Yeerk pool is not something he can do. Now Tom will do anything to get out of going to the funeral. Including straight up murder by drive-by shooting. Jake’s on edge guarding his dad, knowing that Tom could strike again at any moment. The Animorphs (and a feisty Ax!) are desperate to protect Jake’s dad, while keeping their identities a secret. And they’re not so sure they can trust Jake’s judgement lately… They’ll trash random parked cars, morph recklessly, shadow Jake’s dad relentlessly, and kidnap and terrorize the Chapman family all in their quest to save Jake’s dad. And possibly murder Tom. Also the Chee were there! #TomRefusesGo All that and more when we review Animorphs book #31, The Conspiracy.