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Tag: The Andalite Chronicles

Animorphs: The Andalite Chronicles

In this super-ultra-mega-special episode, we’re starting right out introducing our super-ultra-mega-special guest co-host, Nate! We’ll let him introduce himself and play a little trivia game to get him warmed up on the series. That’s not all, we also discuss in excruciating detail the book’s cover art, the Andalite re-design, the science of morphing technology, Z-Space mass, the two hour time limit, the Skrit Na alien race, the Chapman Chronicles, the various alien languages, the Andalite home-world economy, the spooooky Ellimist, Doctor Who references galore, alternate timelines and why we shouldn’t discuss them, Futurama references galore, the Taxxon homeworld, Star Wars references galore, genocide and xenocide, the Time Matrix, why you shouldn’t summon Hellraiser, Ender’s Game references galore, K.A. Applegate’s centaur fetish, pocket universes and why we shouldn’t discuss them, His Dark Materials references galore, how the Ellimist screwed over Loren, Dragon Ball Z references galore, and the first ever review from a non-fan of the series! All that and more, when we recruit our first-ever guest co-host to help us review “The Andalite Chronicles”!