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Tag: T-Rex

Animorphs: Megamorphs: In The Time Of Dinosaurs

This week on Thought-Speak: Making fun of the terrible covers, Liz reads the back of the book, the sudden abundance of Sario Rips, we discuss what actors the characters voices might sound like, milking T-rexs, faulty morph technology, Ax adding a T-Rex kill to his list of accomplishments, obvious ominous comets, crafting items from their downed enemies, Craaaaab peeeeoople, prehistoric ant aliens, broccoli’s alien origins, the team’s worst best plan involving Sario Rips, we discuss a much better cover design, dinosaurs fighting alien ants, and whole bunch of other weird crap you’ll only ever hear about in an Animorphs discussion! All that and more in our epic review of Megamorphs #2, In The Time Of Dinosaurs!

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