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Animorphs: The Escape

In this episode we’re talking about when the Animorphs lose their innocence, building a better Animorphs video game, offensive parrots, Erek’s under-utilized hologram powers, Coming next fall from the makers of Thought-Speak… Dolphin Rodeo!, Ocean World, #sharkpetting, why the Yeerks need to stop shouting “Andalite!”, SPOILERS for Jaws 3, why this series should have been a little more like Spider-Man, Jake’s magical bully detector, how Tobias started riding Rachel, Marco’s power obsession, Animorphs VS. Predator, Visser 3’s opaque obsession, how another one of Cassie’s plans almost gets everybody killed, convenient brain implants, Visser 3’s giant yellow water snake, and how Jake became Marco’s rageaholic sponsor! All that and more in our review of Animorphs book 15, “The Escape.”

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