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The Sharing – 3/16

It’s baaaaaack! That’s right folks, The Sharing has morphed and will now be it’s own separate posting on the site. Now you’ve got a reason to keep coming back. This is going to become my little side-project for sharing interesting videos and photos I find from all around the web. I’m mostly thinking animal related stuff, but if I find anything Animorph related I’d share that as well. Nothing gross or inappropriate. I’ve seen a lot of cool wildlife charities that are totally worth mentioning too!

Morphs to Acquire: Cockatoo, Wolverine, SPIDERS!!!, Lion


Cockatoo Loses Its Sh*t

I’m pretty sure the team could have used this morph just to scare the crap out of the Yeerks. The most terrifying part is that it actually kinda sounds like it could be a language it’s speaking!


Wolverine is terrifying and adorable at the same time

Now this would have been an awesome battle morph! Maybe Cassie could have done with an upgrade? Is a wolverine even tougher than a wolf?? Argue about it in the comments!


Suddenly… SPIDERS!!!

WARNING: Not for those who are easily terrified by swarms of things! If I owned that house, I’d just say “No thanks, I’m done using that. You can burn it. Burn it all down now. Yep, go ahead. Thank you!”


Lion plays ball

We need something to clear the image of that last video from our heads. I got just the thing. Watch this deadly predator turn into a big playful kitty. Ahhhhh…..that’s good eyebleach.


Thanks for attending this meeting of The Sharing! We hope you’ll come back for the next one! And every one after that…

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