Meet the Host-Bodies

Mitch-Bio-ImageMitchell Olson is an aspiring writer from Minnesota. Besides being totally obsessed with the Animorphs book series, Mitchell is working on his own young adult book series, The Devil Ash Saga. Currently, he’s written three entries into the series with more coming. Further information can be found on his website Devil Ash




Coleman McClung is a Writer/Director living in Texas. When he’s not shooting narrative commercials or hovering over an unfinished screenplay, you can usually find him editing an episode of <Thought-Speak> or sitting in a movie theater. You can see a sample of his film work on Take Aim Picture’s Vimeo.

  • Alexander Rybak

    Is still around? I loved the episodes so far!

  • PurpleNurple

    I really enjoy these podcasts on stitcher. Keep it up!

  • Sarah O’Keefe

    Just found the podcast. Love it guys. Left a review and rating on Itunes canada.