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Animorphs: Megamorphs: The Andalite’s Gift

Tonight, on a very special Thought-Speak

You’ve all been mega patient, and now it’s time for your reward. This week, Coleman and yours truly, Mitchell, are talking Megamorphs. This is the first big-deal special event story in the Animorphs continuity, and boy does it feel like a summer blockbuster. But this behemoth of a book isn’t without its problems. Can you believe there’s more talking whales!? We’ll discuss everything it does right, and everything that’s oh so wrong with it.

In this first-ever Mega episode, hosts Mitchell and Coleman discuss the Animorph’s diary exchange program, the last instance of Melissa being a relevant character, the incompetence of Rachel, the incompetence of the Veleek, Tobias the skycam, the retro book cover, a better Rachel plot, Cassie the Animorphs secretary, our own crazy homeless shack lady theory: yep, we figured out who she really is, punching lawnmowers, Geography With Coleman!, and the continuing incompetence of Visser 3! All that and more in the first ever “Megamorphs” Animorphs book, “The Andalite’s Gift.”

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We mega hope you mega enjoy our first mega episode!


Introduction (01:36)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman tell us about the first Animorphs special event sidestory and ask the question: What the hell is a Megamorphs book?

Summary and Plot (06:44)
• The guys walk us through Megamorphs book 1, also known as the one that was directed by Michael Bay.

Book Review (01:56:07)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  4/5
Coleman:  4/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (02:03:04)
• This week, on a very special Thought-Speak, its someone’s birthday! We get a little wild at the end as we discuss the upcoming book 8 as well.

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