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Animorphs: The Stranger

After a small delay, the latest episode is ready to go! The reason for the delay is because once again Coleman is leaving town for yet another wedding. It’s like he’s addicted to them or something. But fear not because we plan on recording the extra long Megamorphs episode before he goes. If all goes according to plan, which it frequently doesn’t, that episode should be on schedule for next week. Will it be one episode or two? We don’t even know yet!

In this week’s installment hosts Mitchell and Coleman discuss time travel, tattoos, time travel tattoos, the Applegate vault, the inaccuracy of the cover images, what’s going on with the Ellimists?, various plot holes, and some actual listener emails to read! All that and more in the season finale of Animorphs: book 7, “The Stranger.”

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As always, thanks for wanting to listen to us talking!


Introduction (00:45)
• The guys talk about Mitchell finding his wedding ring, their tattoos, and the future of the podcast.

Summary and Plot (15:40)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman walk us through book 7, the one where god shows up.

Book Review (01:12:42)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  4/5
Coleman:  3/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:18:43)
• This week we have emails to read, finally! We also talk about the upcoming Megamorphs episode and how it should be done. Finally, we answer some listener questions that I’m sure have been on everybody’s minds, so be sure to stick around the for the whole thing.

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