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Animorphs: Megamorphs: Back to Before

We’re back once again for another Thought-Speak! And this time it’s another “special” book in the series, the last of the Megamorphs. It’s crazy to think we’re all out of “companion books” to the series now, save for the last one (Ellimist Chronicles). It’s been a fun and at times wild ride, but we’re looking forward to winding down the series altogether and reaching that sweet, sweet end. Ohh what a bitter day it’ll be when there’s no more Animorphs to talk about, but we’ll keep powering through and maybe even keep some people sticking around long after the series is over with some other ideas we’ve been bottling. For now though, enjoy our review and we’ll be back for another soon!

This speak: Jake’s had enough. Enough of the bloody battles. Enough feeling powerless to help. Enough of being an Animorph. So naturally Crayak is all over him ready to pounce, sending in the Drode to offer Jake a way out. But of course, a deal with the devil is no deal at all, and Jake awakes to find the timelines reset and everyone’s memories wiped. And this time, on their way home from the mall one night, 5 kids don’t meet a dying alien. They don’t get the power to morph. And they don’t know they’re being invaded by Yeerks. Relive the beginning of the invasion, and really the beginning of the series, with a dangerous twist that leaves all our teens clueless to what’s going on around them. See how their lives might have played out, if things had happened differently. See what happens when they go back… to before! All that and more in our review of MEGAMORPHS #4: Back to Before!


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #41: The Familiar


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