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Animorphs: The Other

Hiya folks and once again welcome back to another thrilling installment of Thought-Speak! First, thank each and every one of you that managed to send in your auditions for the guest role slot, and I’m happy to say that your efforts were not in vain! Joining us on this episode is a longtime fan of Thought-Speak and Animorphs in general, Andrew! Andrew managed to really wow us with his audition and we think he was a great addition to the show, bringing along many insights and comments we were not prepared for! This was quite a different book than most of the others, so it was super cool to have a third opinion on it as well. Maybe we’ll see (hear?) Andrew again on another episode! Minor note, at the end of the episode we weren’t sure which book we’d be reading next, but we’ve settled on doing Megamorphs #4: Back to Before as our next review!

This speak: Marco witnesses what appears to be footage of an Andalite on television, sending him flying from the coop over to Ax’s scoop. With Ax’s technological advancements they’re able to replay the footage and find out exactly what they’re dealing with here… after-school special about the treatment of the differently-abled! But Marco, Ax, and Tobias find way more than they expected roaming the woods when they run into *A BRAND NEW ANDALITE* that wants nothing to do with them. Ol’ Gaffy the Buff Andalite is a man on a mission, struck by disaster now he’s wishin’ to find his friend Mertil in the kitchen eatin’ chicken finger lickin’. Can the Animorphs (and their own pet Andalite Ax) work together with Gafinalin to find his crippled friend Mertil? How exactly will the Yeerks clock-block them this time? And are we all really going to just forget exactly how scummy of a person Ax is revealed to be in this book? It’s like each book that expands on Andalite culture is making them out to be worse and worse. And these are supposed to be the good guys! What the hell is going on here?! All that and more in our review of Animorphs #40: The Other!


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NEXT TIME: Megamorphs #4: Back To Before


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