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Animorphs: The Hidden

What’s up folks? We’re back with another heart-pounding episode of Thought-Speak to help fill the Animorph-shaped gaping hole in your hearts! You may recall that last time we got to a book that neither hosts had read, and that seems to be the case more and more as we enter the latter half of the series counting down to the final books. Most of these latter stories are ghost-written, but still mostly enjoyable. We’re still waiting for major developments within the series, such as a real return of the Andalites, but in the mean-time we have a lot of filler to look forward to. This book is no different, in that it’s not advancing the overall plot much. There are, however, some interesting additions to the good ol’ #MorphLore that will probably never amount to anything though. Enjoy the episode, and we’ll be back with another real soon!

This speak: The hunt is on…for Animorphs, that is! Cassie is enjoying normality one day when Erek busts in and gives her a new mission: Run! It seems the Yeerks have found and repaired some downed Helmacron technology, and now they are able to track the morphing energy the Animorphs emit when they use their powers. Also, the blue cube emits this energy constantly, and now it’s up to Cassie to keep it moving to evade the sudden rush of oncoming Yeerks! Her escape leads her to the Gardens where an encounter with a Cape Buffalo throws a wrench in the mission… and the poor animal gains the ability to morph! Now Cassie and the team have two problems to deal with, and it’s only a matter of time before the Yeerks close in on them and everyone’s too tired to run. Will they get away? And how will they deal with the morph-capable “buffa-human?” The answers lie in our review of Animorphs #39: The Hidden!


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #40: The Other


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