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Animorphs: The Arrival

It’s a very special *birthday* episode of Thought-Speak! Because this episode is being posted on April 9 (Mitchell’s birthday) and yesterday (Coleman’s birthday) was when it was completed. So a happy 31st to our hosts, Mitchell & Coleman! It feels weird saying that to myself, but I thought you all should know. We’ve been going strong on this podcast for like 4-5 years now! We’ve seen many birthdays, weddings, and other major life events. We always intend on finishing the series out and going further with other content, but we were never really sure how long it would take us. Sometimes we are very good about recording and can pump the episodes out one after another with no interuptions. Other times, like lately, it takes us considerably longer between episodes. To the fans that have stuck around all this time waiting patiently for our next installment, we can’t thank you enough. Especially those of you supporting us on Patreon. We look forward to doing these reviews, and continuing to “speak our thoughts” on one of our most beloved series in the hopes that someday, when the inevitable reboot happens, just maybe they might take some notes from us on how it should be done right….. yeeaaahh, probably not

This speak: During a botched mission, Andalite Aristh Aximili (and the Animorphs!) are unexpectedly aided by extra Andalites! Aximili is enthralled with the alluring Estrid, but his Animorph allies are only certainly sceptical. Aximili of course entertains his Andalite allies and adds his aid to their conspicuous cause. When the arguing Animorphs find themselves falling apart, it’s up to Aximili to crack the code on his brave brethren’s bold cold assassination attempt: their terrible target, the dreadly (amiright?) and deadly Andalite V-3! Is it Aximili’s hour of power and glory? Or will it be downfalls and death and the end of the Animorph’s story? Find out! In our review of Animorphs #38: The Arrival!


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #39: The Hidden


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