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Animorphs: The Mutation

Thought-Speak is back with a splash! This week, we’re swimming with the “Atlantis” book, but don’t get out of the pool just yet! Although this book isn’t very highly regarded among the fandom, Mitchell would like to point out its many strengths! Because after diving in to this book, you’ll come ashore knowing you’ve just read an original, and downright dark at times, modern-day take on the old Atlantis myth. It’s a plunge I’d enjoy taking again! Okay, I’m starting to feel all washed up over here looking for new material, so I think I’m gonna sail! Enjoy the episode y’all!

This Speak: Something-something Visser Three, yadda-yadda the ocean, let’s just get to Atlantis already! When the Animorphs go to Atlantis(!), they discover the undiscovered truth about the lost city of Atlantis… which is that it’s not called Atlantis. Actually, it’s “Nartec”. Or at least that’s what the people are called. We never get a name of their “city”, it’s just the land of the Nartec. The lost city of Nartec? That just doesn’t have the same grandiose vibe as Atlantis. Well whatever, the Animorphs find Atlantis, they get outta there, you know how these types of adventures go. Uhh… Ax was there…. And uh, yeah, all that and more! In Book 36, The Animorphs Do Atlantis!


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #37: The Weakness


Introduction (00:30) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time begging for money before a book review.

Summary and Plot (06:45) • The guys walk us through book 36, the Animorph’s take on Atlantis.

Book Review (01:00:41) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  3/5

Coleman:  1/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:08:10) • The guys discuss what’s in store for the next episode.

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