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Animorphs: The Proposal

We’re back to Marco. And we’ve always loved Marco books. This one felt a little off, however. As enjoyable a read as it may have been, we’re gonna talk a lot about the things we wish this book could have elaborated on. H’yup. And we’ll be rushing on to our much-anticipated review of Visser, so with any luck it won’t be too long a wait for that episode. Thanks for sticking with us this whole time.

This speak: Marco’s dad has a new girlfriend! And Marco’s not too happy about it… And now it seems that stress is causing Marco to mix-up morphs! Marco tries to hide this all from his friends, The Animorphs (and Ax I guess?), but they’ve got a new mission to deal with and a controller’s career to ruin. Some guy on TV is telling people to join The Sharing, and the team won’t be having it! To stop him, they’ll pull out all the stops and turn into bugs to try and gross him out. And when that fails, they’ll stalk him as a poodle. War has turned these children into animals…in more ways than one. All that and more when we review Animorphs book #35, The Proposal.

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Introduction (00:30) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time begging for money before a book review.

Summary and Plot (06:00) • The guys walk us through book 35, the one where….wait, what happens in this one again?

Book Review (53:35) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  3/5

Coleman:  3/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (57:55) • The guys discuss what’s in store for the next episode.

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