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Animorphs: The Separation

We’re close to reaching our first big milestone on Patreon: over $100 per episode. At the time of this posting, we’re sitting at $98 from our current base of subscribers. If you’ve ever felt like contributing to the show, even if it’s just a single dollar, now would be the time! Plus we get to butcher your name on the show, and that’s certainly worth at least a couple bucks! And, if you pledge a certain amount, you get invited to a post-episode discussion where we’ll talk about things and stuff! Anyway, this book was a little difficult to review for us. So many mixed feelings, so many questions, so many lost opportunities. Personally, I think the Applegates could have come up with something a little better than what we got, but you’ll have to listen to the review for my reasoning. Coleman liked it a lot though!

This speak: Rachel splits in two. Shut up, don’t ask questions, it just happens, okay?! Now the Animorphs (Featuring Ax the Andalite & Erek the Chee!) have to deal with two completely different Rachels. One of them is a weakling that cries a lot, the other one is seriously a psychopath. Both are useless to the team, and just in time for their critical mission to attack the Yeerks, who are of course working on their latest weapon: an “anti-morph ray” that can supposedly interfere with their morphing powers. How will the Animorphs deal with this whacky new situation? What the heck can they do to get both halves of Rachel back in one body? Why did the Applegates write this book?? We’ll figure it out! All that and more when we review Animorphs book #32, The Separation.

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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #33: The Illusion


Introduction (00:30) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time before a book review.

Summary and Plot (18:45) • The guys walk us through book 32, the one with the two Rachels.

Book Review (01:14:02) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  1/5

Coleman:  4/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:22:50) • The guys discuss what’s in store for the next episode.

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