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Animorphs: Megamorphs: Elfangor’s Secret

We’ve reached another series milestone: the third Megamorphs book! This is another lengthier, time-travel centric entry to the series that stands out because of its crazy use of American history and violence. This one will go down as one of the darkest books in the series. There’s a whole lot of death, murder, killing, homicide, and then you’ve got your general existence-erasing. As always, there’s a lot to love and a lot to scrutinize needlessly, and by gummit we’re the guys to do it! So strap yourselves in for an extended Animorphs adventure, and a slightly longer than usual episode of Thought-Speak! Also: we’re trying out Patreon! Please do us a favor and go check out the page, maybe give us some feedback, and consider donating today!

This speak: Our story begins on an alternate, time-tinkered Earth with an entirely different set of Animorphs. Jake is an authoritarian leader. Cassie is a slave owner. Marco is excited by Pong. Ax is the same. And Tobias is in love with the last Animorph, Melissa. This new, more interesting set of characters are swiftly replaced by the standard Animorphs we all know and love, thanks to a convenient truce between Crayak and Ellimist. Now the Animorphs (and Aximili!) are thrust through time on their latest mission to stop one of the second-string villains from messing around with the Earth’s continuity. During their trip, the Animorphs (and Mr. Isthill!) will encounter ancient knights, swashbuckling seafaring ship battles, and absolutely all the worst of human-on-human murder that history has to offer! Will our heroes conquer the evil Yeerk empire and restore balance to the Force? Find out, when we review Animorphs MEGAMORPHS book #3, Elfangor’s Secret.

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NEXT TIME: Animorphs book #30: The Reunion


Introduction (00:30) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time with emails and listener comments before a book review.

Summary and Plot (23:10) • The guys walk us through Megamorphs 3, the history of human murder.

Book Review (01:31:00) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  4/5

Coleman:  3/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:43:26) • The guys discuss what’s in store for the next episode. Consider donating to our Patreon today!

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