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Animorphs: The Attack

Thought-Speak lives! That’s right folks, we’re back in action here at Thought-Speak with an all-new episode featuring all your favorite characters! Mitchell, Coleman, and our good friend Nate are here to walk you through our latest review for one of the major books in our favorite series. With the addition of Nate, this episode runs a little longer, with a little more explanation of certain characters and past events, but don’t you all love it when we get lost on tangents and sidetracked? As long as you guys keep listening, we’ll keep putting episodes like this out! Thanks for coming along on this long, wild ride of one of the greatest book series to come out of the 90’s!

This speak: We’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Mitchell, Coleman, and Nate discuss everything from Animorphs to Power Rangers to Game of Thrones! We also bring Nate up to speed on what’s been happening in the series thus far, we have a mini-discussion about Animorphs #1 The Invasion, we’ll talk Howlers and Pemalites, Ellimists and Crayaks, Iskoorts and alien worlds. The Animorphs are on another mission to save an obnoxious alien race on a faraway planet and defeat the Ellimist’s arch nemesis, Crayak. There are many “firsts” for the series in this book, and we’ll discuss them all! All that and more when we review Animorphs book, #26, The Attack.

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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #27 – The Exposed


Introduction (00:34) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman chat with Nate before jumping into a book review.

Summary and Plot (17:30) • The guys walk us through book 26, the book where Jake and Cassie finally kiss.

Book Review (01:23:15) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  5/5

Coleman:  3/5

Nate: 5/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:30:25) • The guys discuss what’s in store for the next episode.

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