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Animorphs: The Encounter

Our review of Animorphs book 3, “The Encounter” is now live.

Mitchell and Coleman wonder about the possibility of a future Animorphs movie,  dive into what’s wrong with the re-release of the books, and thank everyone who has tuned in so far and given feedback for the show. Later they introduce a new segment where they read listener email and see what you, the listeners, thought of the first Tobias-centric book.

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Introduction (00:45)
• Is an Animorphs movie in the works? Probably not, but we’ll discuss it. Also we’re talking about what we’d like to see happen in the marketing of the reprinted editions of the books.

Summary and Plot (13:04)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman walk us through book 3, which stars Tobias the amazing bird boy.

Book Review (01:41:15)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell 5/5
Coleman 4/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:46:28)

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