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Animorphs: The Michael Grant Interview

On this unfeasibly special episode of Thought-Speak, Mitchell and Coleman somehow managed to snag an interview with the man, the myth, the legend and one-half of the K.A. Applegate duo that gave us Animorphs, Michael Grant! We were lucky to have an hour of his time where we spoke with him (quite candidly at times) about all of his works, including: Front Lines, Gone, BSRK, Messenger of Fear, Eve & Adam, and of course our beloved Animorphs. This is not an episode to be missed, folks!

We would just like to thank Michael for allowing us to take up his time and wish him the best, and we still hold out hope that one day Michael will join us again for another interview. Maybe when that day comes, Katherine just might happen to be around as well… Ahhh, wishful thinking!

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