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Animorphs: The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

Coleman and I had never in our wildest dreams imagined that starting this podcast would lead us to one day conduct a casual phone interview with Michael Grant. But twenty-seven episodes into this podcast, and here we are. Interviewing Michael Grant, co-author of Animorphs. Katherine would have joined him, had she been there, but she was away on business at the time. Still, we had an hour-long conversation with the guy about Animorphs and everything else, and boy did we learn a lot. We couldn’t thank Michael enough for blocking off time to talk to us. I wouldn’t want to spread rumors or anything, but he did allude to the possibility of talking to us again sometime in the future when Katherine would be available to join us…  Look for that interview to be released soon, when we announce it first on Facebook.

Oh, by the way, we both read this really good book, you may have heard of it: Hork-Bajir Chronicles. Neither of us had read it before, but we both found things to love and hate about it.

This speak: A brand new intro!, the subtle differences between the hard & soft covers, Coleman’s beef with the Hork-Bajir design, how with equal parts science and Ellimist anything is possible, how the Yeerks are like ISIS, how the Hork-Bajir homeworld doesn’t have a proper name, but even if it did it would probably be something stupid, Aldrea’s unlikely morphing ability, Tribe Trees and Father Deep, a Rick & Morty reference, several Star Wars references, Aldrea’s poor brother Barafin and his bunk habits, why you should not be like the Arn, why the Arn are unbelievable dicks, an unlikely army of mind-controlled monsters, the Andalites continue to disappoint and suck at war, yet another interracial relationship in sci-fi, and the new Hork-Bajir seer means shits about to go down! All that and more in our review of Animorphs:The Hork-Bajir Chronicles.

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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #24 – The Suspicion


Introduction (00:20) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time before jumping into a book review.

Summary and Plot (18:00) • The guys walk us through Hork-Bajir Chronicles, the one where Tobias hears a story.

Book Review (1:18:59) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  5/5

Coleman:  4/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:25:04) • The guys discuss what’s in store for next week.


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