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Animorphs: The Pretender

I will say right now that the most entertaining aspect of this episode is listening to Coleman’s take on the book at the very beginning of the review, then comparing it to his final thoughts and his review score at the end. Seriously, pay attention to his language throughout and listen for the exact moment when he has a change of heart. This episode we’re talking about Tobias’s next book, which is only really noteworthy because it’s the book where Tobias finally finds out who his real father is. But an episode of Maury, this is not! You will hear us sing praises for this book, as well as kind of break it down and gut it for all it’s worth… Is this book really deserving of so much praise from the community? We will definitely look into it!

This speak:  More cover critiques, Tobias gets hawk-blocked, weird unexplained flash-visions plaguing Tobias, the classic soap opera cliche of long-lost relatives showing up, the case of Tobias’s missing clothes, a lovely visit to the Lost Valley of Hork-Bajir for a side mission, the introduction of Toby, a long and drawn-out spying mission, the evolution of conservatism, the coincidences start to get to Coleman, another pre-mission homework cram session, Visser Aria’s awesome acting, Rachel and Tobias finally have that relationship conversation we’ve all been waiting for, and the review that’s sure to upset some fans! All that and more in our review of Animorphs #23, The Pretender.

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Introduction (00:50) • Hosts Mitchell and Coleman waste everyone’s time before jumping into a book review.

Summary and Plot (7:25) • The guys walk us through book 23, the one where Tobias eats roadkill.

Book Review (53:50) • Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  5/5

Coleman:  2/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:04:05) • The guys discuss what’s in store for next week.


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