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Animorphs: The Visitor

Episode two is ready to go! This time we’re talking about the second Animorphs book, “The Visitor.”

In today’s podcast, hosts Mitchell and Coleman discuss some of the terrible Animorphs video games, Coleman walks us through the editing process, and Mitchell points out the morality involved in morphing human. And that’s all before the review even starts!

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Introduction (00:45)
• Coleman and Mitchell talk about random animorphs stuff, including video games, editing, and human morphing.

Summary and Plot (11:37)
• After Mitchell’s impressive display of thespian talent reading the back of the book summary the duo dives into discussing the entire plot, is Visser 3 becoming a crazy cat lady, what kind of demographic are the Yeerks really after, and will we ever see Melissa again? Probably not.

Book Review (01:18:45)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell 4/5
Coleman 3/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:21:15)

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