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Animorphs: The Unknown

I know it’s a been a long time since our last episode. But remember how AWESOME the Andalite Chronicles were?? Nate was there, everyone was laughing, it was a good time. Then we get to this book, The Unknown, and I just don’t know what to think. It was the first book I remember actively skipping over as a child, realizing it didn’t add anything to the overall storyline. A one-off book, if you will. Now there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, except I wouldn’t say I had very high expectations going into it. Did I change my mind? Did the story about horse-controllers bring me around?? Find out! You know, when you listen to the episode…. And sorry for the long wait, I mean, I just HAD to go on my stupid honeymoon, fully realizing it’d get in the way of the podcast…. Bad me.

In this episode we’re talking about how much we miss Nate, how awesome our new opening and segue-ways are,  getting tweeted at by Applegate + Grant, more making fun of the Scholastic marketing team, how ugly and wrong the cover is, another crazy theory about the Animorphs journals, Crazy Helen’s “Loco Weed?”, a uncharacteristic sci-fi reference overload, more arguing about how to split the series into “seasons”, how Marco gets away with being a dick all the time, Yeerks in horses, poop jokes!, toilet humor, and weird Animorphs fan fiction! All that and more in our review of Animorphs book 14, “The Unknown.”

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Introduction (00:33)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman talk about how far the show has come.

Summary and Plot (11:43)
• The guys walk us through Animorphs book 14, the one where Cassie full-on dumps in front of everyone.

Book Review (01:42:21)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  3/5
Coleman:  2/5

Trivia (01:52:00)
• The guys discuss the Trivia for this book.

Emails / Listener Comments (01:58:50)
• The guys read any emails the listeners may have sent them for the week.

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (02:09:20)
• The guys discuss what’s in store for next week.




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