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Animorphs: The Forgotten

I honestly don’t know how to describe this episode. I could say “greatest episode ever” but who knows? It really depends on why you’re listening to the show, I guess. If all you care about is what’s happening in the books, our sidetracked tangents might start to grate on you here. However, if you like two nerds discussing all sorts of random sci-fi tropes in excruciating detail, have we got a show for you! Seriously, it’s over 2 hours long. We try to keep our episodes short, but boy did we throw caution to the wind this time… I blame Coleman, personally. He’s always pulling the show over to tell us about Halo or Mass Effect or some movie no one’s ever heard of. That’s the extra 20 minutes on this episode’s run time, by the way. 

In this episode we’re talking about where we’re supposed to find the books, a hidden gem in the recap, how Jake might screw with Tom during their home lives, Jake’s “time flashes“, the Animorphs “go out attacking” mentality, the supposed rarity of sario rips, who the richest Animorph might be, more questions and rules for morphing, urethra fish, Time Travel with Coleman, and soooo many random tangents! All that and more in our review of Animorphs book 11, “The Forgotten.”

Here’s the part where I tell you all to subscribe to the show on iTunes and/or Stitcher. It’s actually super important because it helps more people find us. If you could find it in your heart to rate our show and review it as well, that’s even better. Don’t forget: you can email us your thoughts on the next book, “Book 12: The Reaction” at and we’ll read them at the end of our next episode. We make no promises on whether or not we’ll make fun of you, though…

Live long and prosper.


Introduction (01:36)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman wonder where the Animorphs books are supposed to be located in the book stores, then Coleman sidetracks the show to tell us all about video games or something. Mitchell brings us back with the revelation of a new addition to the show, with a little help from Seerowpedia.

Summary and Plot (20:03)
• The guys walk us through Animorphs book 11, the one that didn’t really happen.

Book Review (01:49:40)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  4/5
Coleman:  5/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:55:40)
• The guys discuss the Reddit comments for the week. They also discuss the possibility of adding a future guest co-host.




After Coleman disappointed listeners last time by not providing a link for a video mentioned during the show, Mitchell is here to save the day and provide said video! Here is the model that was the face of Rachel on the book covers singing “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. BOOSH!

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