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Animorphs: The Android

 Come one, come all, to the latest episode of Thought-Speak. Mitchell here, writing the blurbs that I’m sure so many fans read…. You guys do read these things, don’t you? Anyway, this week we’re talking The Android. It’s a huge step-up from last time’s The Secret, that’s for sure. So much interesting stuff happens in this one, it’s hard to keep track of it all. But the biggest importance this book offers to the canon is of course the new species: the Chee, and to a lesser extent, the Pemalites. The Chee will be huge players from here on out, at least in a supportive role for the Animorphs. Eric in particular will be an important recurring character throughout the series. It’s a book that I’m sure most fans look fondly back on and remember Marco’s hilarious hijinks, as well as, you know, nearly dying at least four times throughout the course of the story. Man, that Marco can take a beating!

In this episode we’re talking all about the “get morphed” contest winner, why our review of The Secret was justified, Coleman’s thoughts on Chee fan art, the many near-deaths of Marco, what Z-Space “mass” might look like, awkward Rachel/Tobias flirting, communist Pemalites, what the Alternamorphs series should have been, bat morph, and the bloodiest, most gruesome battle since The Stranger! All that and more in our review of Animorphs book 10, “The Android.”

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Introduction (01:36)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman talk about the Get Morphed contest in the back of the book, then address some of the early comments on our last book review of The Secret.

Summary and Plot (14:54)
• The guys walk us through Animorphs book 10, the one where we meet the Chee.

Book Review (01:41:40)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  5/5
Coleman:  4/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:47:47)
• The guys talk about the book cover models, and read an email from a listener.




In this new segment of the site, we’re sharing pictures of your Animorphs book collections! If you’ve got the books, we want to see’em! Send us your pictures, either through our email ( or through our Facebook page ( Feel free to tell us a little about your collection, how you found all the books, how old it is, etc. This week’s collection belongs to Jeremie Crepeau from Lincoln, Rhode Island.


 About his collection, he had this to say: “The bookends I have are from a club/program scholastic was running when the books first came out. It was a mailing list that sent out I think it was 3 books every couple of months as they came out. They also sent out special “club only” things like those bookends and other Animorphs related gear. That’s how I acquired my major collection of the books. Then when I rediscovered them in like 2011, I managed to find someone on Craigslist that had almost an entire collection that was practically giving them away so I took them off their hands for them.”

Nice collection, Jeremie! Thanks for Sharing!

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