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Animorphs: The Secret

In this episode of Thought-Speak, Mitchell and Coleman deliver their most controversial opinions on an Animorphs book yet! We’ve been pretty harsh on Cassie as a character thus far, and this book review is no different. We’ve got a lot to say about the story, and most of it is pretty critical. This is what we would call the first truly “unimportant” book to the canon. Younger readers will probably enjoy it, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that older readers (like Coleman and myself) will not find a whole lot of substance here. We hope our views don’t piss off anyone who really liked this book, but we’re not pulling any punches in our review of Animorphs as a whole. 

This week, hosts Mitchell and Coleman talk about the longest opening recap yet, Batman vs. Spider Man, unnecessary termite morphs, unnecessary skunk side-plots, Marco’s one good zinger from this book, Visser 3’s new box obsession, and the ultimate weapon: skunk butt! All that and more in our review of Animorphs book 9, “The Secret.”

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We hope you enjoy hearing us talk as much as we do!


Introduction (01:36)
• Hosts Mitchell and Coleman talk about “Eve & Adam”, Mitchell’s cold, animal movies with the Animorphs woven in, and all sorts of morphing questions.

Summary and Plot (15:39)
• The guys walk us through Animorphs book 9, the one where Cassie is obsessed with skunks.

Book Review (01:07:45)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell:  2/5
Coleman:  1/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:15:00)
• The guys wrap up their thoughts on Cassie as a character and discuss the biggest problems with this book. There’s also some nice listener emails to read. Also remember to send us pictures of your Animorphs book collections, so that we can post them on the site!


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