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Animorphs: The Invasion

In the premiere episode of THOUGHT-SPEAK, hosts Mitchell and Coleman introduce themselves and dive into why they thought the world needed an Animorphs podcast. The main portion of the show is an in-depth look and review of the first book in the series: “The Invasion.” This concludes with a promise of future episodes and hopeful entertainment.

Introduction to our hosts. (05:30)
• Coleman and Mitchell talk about how they found the series and why it’s worth talking about.

Summary and Plot (09:53)
• From the back of the book into the main story, we discuss the rampages of Visser
Three, teenagers pretending to be Batman, and horse morph homicide.

Book Review (01:04:03)
• Final Verdict:

Mitchell – 5/5
Coleman – 5/5

Final Thoughts/ Wrap up (01:07:10)

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