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Animorphs: The Unexpected

Welcome welcome one and all to another wonderful edition of Thought-Speak! The gears are really starting to turn here for us, if you haven’t noticed we’ve been working hard to revamp the site and update our cause. We’re working towards finishing off the Animorphs book series in 2019 and starting to review other book series. We hope you all will stick with us for the foreseeable future, because we’re excited to be moving into a whole new realm for us: Live streaming! That’s right, you can now watch and listen to our entire catalog of episodes on Youtube! And make sure to follow us on social media and join our Patreon so you know when we’re streaming an episode live! Big times at Thought-Speak for sure! Stay tuned!

This speak: Cassie just boarded the wrong plane… During a scuffle with the Yeerks at the airport, Cassie is separated from the others and pursued by scores of controllers. She manages to elude them, temporarily, by hiding out on a departing plane. But things rarely go as planned for our team of teenage heroes, and Cassie winds up in the Australian outback! Totally cut off from her friends! Miles from the nearest trace of civilization! And still being pursued by Yeerks! How will she escape her enemies? How will she get back to her homeland? And most importantly; how did the writer manage to screw up such an interesting premise?? All that and more as we review Animorphs book 44: The Unexpected.


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #45: The Revelation


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