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Animorphs: The Revelation

Hey everybody, we’re back with another great episode of Thought-Speak! The Animorphs book series is really starting to heat up with this entry, where the war on Earth actually advances in some major ways that change the story and bring us even closer to the endgame of the series. After so many of the ghost-written books that were only so-so, we’re back on board for the final ten Animorphs books. Get ready folks, because once we get going we’re not gonna want to stop! Will you still come back and listen to us after we’re done with the Animorphs books? We sure hope so! We’re currently taking requests for any books you’d like to hear our take on, and we’ve got a long list of future titles to cover already piling up. If you enjoy our discussions and tangents, our voices and arguments, you’re gonna wanna come on back and maybe discover some new books to read! We’re looking forward to the changes to come as we wind down our most treasured series of books from our youth! That said, Please consider leaving us a positive rating and review on iTunes, it will really help us out in going forward and expanding our podcasting and streaming content 🙂

This speak: Marco’s dad has a big new project at work. He’s apparently developing humanity’s first instance of Z-Space travel. Marco realizes the dangers involved, and of course his father is soon made a target for Yeerk infestation. After losing his mother to the Yeerks, Marco isn’t going to let his father go without a fight! But now Marco has to make a choice. Because this time, his actions have dire consequences, and his father’s life hangs in the balance. Can Marco, the Animorphs, and their alien friend ol’ what’s-his-name, Tax? Or Brax? Can they save Marco’s dad? Will they have time to jam in some Visser 1 sideplot? And does anyone  still have their copy of the demo of the Animorphs PC game that came with this book??  All that and more as we review Animorphs book 45: The Revelation.


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #46: The Deception

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