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Animorphs: The Deception

Welcome welcome one and all to another fantastic episode of Thought-Speak! The Animorphs countdown continues! And today, we are proud to present an episode that has finally pit the host’s opinions against one another in a very divisive book! It’s going to be a great episode, that is, if you like it when we argue and go on long tangents! In other non-podcast related news, we’ve once again been very busy people in our lives as Cole lives his various career enterprises and I took a little vacation to the Netherlands. (P.S. – visit Amsterdam! You won’t regret it!) Also, if you live in the upper midwest of America, you know that winter has been exceptionally awful this season… Not that the weather plays much of a role in the delays to our podcast, but it’s probably related somehow…. Uhhh, anyway, enjoy the new episode!

This speak: Aximili (and those “teenage human animal morphers” he’s aligned with) discover the existence of the new Visser 1’s next evil plot! And it involves Visser 2! And some mysterious coordinates at sea! The Animorphs are no strangers to dangerous missions, but this time things are getting BONKERS real fast. After stealing an F-16 fighter jet, crashing it at sea, and then boarding the USS George Washington warship, the Animorphs discover a Yeerk plot that will change the future of the planet… and maybe even initiate World War III … Can Ax avert total war and the beginning of the end of the invasion?? All that and more as we review Animorphs book 46: The Deception.


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NEXT TIME: Animorphs #47: The Resistance


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