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A Very Animorphs Christmas!

Merry Christmas one and all! On this day, we have a very special episode of Thought-Speak for you! We’ve talked about it in the past, and we frequently bring up our ideas for Animorphs books we wish we could have gotten (#IWantThatBook) and today we’re taking a break from our usual series reviews to bring you something different: An entire episode of Thought-Speak where we describe what our perfect Animorphs Christmas special would be! That’s right; this time we’re not talking about a particular book written by K.A. Applegate, but instead hosts Mitchell and Coleman will go through their very own original Animorphs-themed Christmas specials. And the stories couldn’t be any more different! We hope you enjoy this very experimental type of episode, because we hope to do more like it in the future! Be sure to let us know what you think about our stories, and have a happy and safe holiday!

This Speak: What if the Animorphs series had done a Christmas special? Would the Animorphs meet Santa Clause? What do the Yeerks do on Christmas? Will the kids get to enjoy their Christmas break? It’s questions like these that keep us up at night… but not anymore! Hosts Mitchell and Coleman have created, in their minds, the perfect Animorphs Christmas-themed stories. Reindeer morphing? Santa-like aliens? Tender moments between Jake and Cassie? We’ve got it all! Pull up a chair by the fire and crack open the egg-nog, because when the episode is over you’ll be wishing these books were real! All that and more on Thought-Speak’s: A Very Animorphs Christmas!

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